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5 Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas

How do you choose gifts that someone you’re not too close with would appreciate? It’s difficult to think of any gift idea when you barely know the person. Luckily, we have 5 corporate gifts you can give this holiday season. Let us do the thinking for you. Check out these gift ideas below:


A cup of warm hot chocolate or coffee is a best treat this holiday season. Everyone would be craving for one and what better gift to give than a coffee mug? Mugs are so convenient especially in the office. It’s also a nice reminder to give to your colleague to have a break and drink a cup of coffee once in a while to de-stress at work.

Artisanal Chocolates

A box of chocolates is such a sweet gift. Even more so when they’re artisanal and handmade. Such chocolates can be found in shops this holiday season. You can choose your own or handpick the best ones and have it put in a special box. Artisanal chocolates are a little bit expensive than regular chocolates but after one bite and a whole lot of praise from your bosses or colleagues, you’ll know it was worth every penny.


Everyone needs socks. Socks can be a cute gift to your colleagues. There are many socks with really awesome designs. If you’re in an IT company, there are computer related designs printed on socks. If you’re in a car company, there are socks with cars printed on them too. It’s a funny and really budget friendly gift to give.

Potted Plant

Plants brighten up the office. But with a small area to work on, no one really brings a whole big pot of plant to decorate their space. Give your friends and colleagues small potted plants that don’t require so much care and is easy to maintain. They’ll be thrilled at the nice little green color in their work area.

Gift Cards

There are so many gift cards that can be really useful. Spa gift cards, coffee gift cards or even a free dinner. They won’t pass up the chance to use one.

Bring a little more cheer this holiday with these gift ideas perfect for the work place. Have them personalized too if you have the time to give it a more friendly touch.